Could Human Zombies Become a Reality?


Could Human Zombies Become a Reality?

Scientists have discovered a parasitic fungus almost 50 million years old that has actually been videotaped taking over the minds and bodies of ants.  YEP! You read that right! The fungus manipulates the behavior of ants by releasing behavior-controlling chemicals when encountering the brain of its natural target host. In essence, making zombies. I just shit in my pants a little bit and have decided to start hoarding shotguns and flame throwers.

ant zombies
I think some tylenol might help with that.

The scientific name of the fungus is Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, and when observed in ants it has shown that once chemicals take hold inside the body of the ant, it will leave the colony.  ANTS DON’T LEAVE A COLONY… that’s like saying I decided to flap my wings and fly.  If anything gets in their way they’ll fight to the death… and beyond! Zombies mofo.

The fungus controls them now in life and death.  The purpose of this particular fungus is to get the ant to a certain level in between the forest floor and high in the canopies where humidity and heat suit the fungus best. The fungus completely controls the ant until its death when the fungus forces its victim to lock its mandibles into a central part of a plant.  Once locked into place the fungus begins growing and sprouting literally right out of the ants head and body.  This sprout begins growing a pod of spores that can carry the fungus across the forest floor to infect another creature and make more zombies.

The team of scientists that made the discovery was led by Harvards David Hughes. The researchers found thousands of unique chemicals, most unknown to them. Noted Hughes,

“This is one of the most complex examples of parasites controlling animal behavior because it is a microbe controlling an animal — the one without the brain controls the one with the brain. By employing metabolomics and controlled laboratory infections, we can now begin to understand how the fungi pull off this impressive trick.”

They found that this killer can infect and kill nontarget ants, but it cannot manipulate their behavior.  So its making zombies, or its making corpses.  According to Hughes, in addition to the 160 known species of ant-controlling fungi, there may be 1,000 additional varieties out there to be discovered. These don’t even account for the array of additional parasitic fungi that exclusively target species of other insects, from beetles to butterflies.  Its learning.. its becoming sentient.. its organic Skynet.

“The history of medicine shows us that there’s lots and lots of parasites jumping over from animals into humans and then having crazy effects” said Dr Hughes. “We do occasionally see fungi jumping the species barrier, going from one animal into humans.’

In parts of the US, the fungal disease coccidiodomycosis – or Valley Fever – kills hundreds of people a year after it is contracted from spores swept into the air from soil.

Hazmat crew for zombiesLook… Call me paranoid.  But what seems like the most non-threatening thing in the world?  A plant, you say?  So if America/Russia/China was able to manipulate this fungus to attack humans, and then drop a box of these ‘non-threatening’ fungus plants on ISIS? Yet during scientific trials something goes horribly wrong and begins infecting Everybody!?  BAM!! Mother fuckin zombie apocalypse son.  After all the movies, theories, and ‘zombie survival’ joke books… Its coming.  Zombies, Are, Coming.
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