TTB Info

The Third Brand Productions was founded in 2001 by Mitch Stockton. It began as a social media website before social media existed so friends could keep in touch after high school and slowly evolved into a full production studio. In 2004 National Lampoon collaborated with The Third Brand on several projects and culminated in a published book “National Lampoons Guide to Graduating College in 8 Years or More” Co-written by Mitch Stockton.

The Third Brand has been involved in nearly every facet of media since its inception including writing, web development, graphic design, animation, illustration, videography, podcasting, photography, special effects, motion graphics, and more.

The Third Brand Productions now exists to create original content for the masses including Hamster Precinct, Happy State and the Kickstarter funded Starship Spaceship. There is also a live action web series called Mitch Match and a weekly podcast titled Game Set Mitch.